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Stop suffering from chronic neck and upper back pains with Cervical and Lumbar Decompression Therapy, including Spinal Decompression. This non-invasive procedure helps correct herniated or misaligned intervertebral discs affecting the cervical spine. A consistent and holistic treatment plan removes this interference, and helps the body correct and heal itself.

Leaving disc issues uncorrected may lead to severely limiting movement and mobility. Some patients may have been forced to drastically change their lifestyle in the hopes of alleviating the pain and discomfort. Cervical and Lumbar Decompression Therapy not only addresses the physiological condition, it also empowers people to live the kind of life they choose to lead.

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What You Need to Know About Cervical and Lumbar Decompression

Neck pain is no laughing matter especially when accompanied by tingling and/or numbness of the limbs. These are indicators of a possible compressed cervical spine that needs immediate attention. Setting an appointment with a chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach will help ascertain the condition and the corresponding treatment needed.


What Causes Spinal Compression?

Intervertebral discs are the cartilaginous dividers between the bones of your spine. Poor posture, trauma, degeneration, or other medical conditions may affect these discs. They may become inflamed, herniated, or misaligned. These conditions compress the nerves leading to and from the cervical spine resulting in stiffness, limited range of motion, weakness and lastly neck pain.


What are the Symptoms?

Cervical spine compression usually manifests initially as neck pain. Unlike the usual neck pain caused by stress or fatigue, cervical compression may present with severe pain. Pain that is enough to make it impossible to turn the head without discomfort. The neck pain is usually accompanied by a tingling sensation, weakness or numbing that radiates down one or both arms.

If left untreated, symptoms may escalate affecting more areas of the body. The tingling and numbness may spread to arms. It may even severely limit mobility by causing difficulty in walking. In some severe cases, cervical spine compression may even cause bowel and bladder dysfunction.


What is the Treatment?

An experienced Royal Palm Beach chiropractor understands that these symptoms can be addressed by realigning the cervical vertebrae which takes pressure off of the discs and nerves. The procedure consists of applying gentle but constant pressure along the cervical spine. Over the course of the treatment, negative pressure is created between the discs. This helps realign the vertebrae and retracts swollen or herniated discs. The realignment eases any pressure on the nerves therefore alleviating symptoms.

There is no single approach to Cervical and Lumbar Decompression Therapy because every case has its own features and challenges. Therefore, creating individual treatment plans addresses the unique needs of each patient. This means that the patient’s input and involvement is instrumental for the therapy to be effective.


How Safe is Cervical and Lumbar Decompression?

Cervical and Lumbar decompression is designed with particular attention to safety and comfort. Patients can comfortably lie back as they are gently stretched by the traction machine. Because everything is computerized, the amount of pressure exerted is completely and carefully controlled. Your chosen chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach keeps the gentle pressure at the exact level to ensure a painless treatment.


How Soon will the Symptoms be Alleviated?

The timeline for treatment differs from patient to patient. Although many have expressed the alleviation of some symptoms even after just one session. However, the full benefit is most apparent after completing a full treatment plan.

Following the personalized treatment plan not only addresses any current symptoms but also helps prevent any recurrence. The goal, after all, is long-term improvement of health and quality of life.


Live Your Life to Its Fullest

Don’t miss out on the daily activities you used to enjoy. With proper nutrition, consistent therapy, and regular exercise, there’s no need to be defined by an ailment. Cervical  and Lumbar decompression might be the non-invasive treatment you need to help you live the lifestyle you want. Set an appointment at Cobblestone Spine and Joint Institute today by calling us at 561-753-2225.

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