Manual Therapy

At Cobblestone Spine & Joint Institute, manual therapy is a key component to our rehabilitative approach. Your manual therapy plan is designed uniquely for your injury or chronic pain and your own path to optimal health and wellness. It’s also an opportunity for patients to become actively involved with their own healing process.

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Manual therapy helps patients gain strength in the muscles that hold the skeleton. Patients who participate in manual therapy benefit from shorter recovery time and may not be as likely to suffer the same injury again.

Manual therapy is a great opportunity for physicians to educate their patients and guide them into a more active lifestyle. Better posture, stretching routines, stronger and more supple muscles are all long term benefits of manual therapy. This can be especially effective for people who suffer from chronic and age-related conditions such as arthritis.

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Bone conditions can be painful and challenging, and so these are always emergency conditions. To avoid all the hassles that come with physical booking, you can book an appointment by filling in your details in the chatbox below. Be sure that all patients are top priority to us, and we will treat you with the urgency that you deserve.

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