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Excellent chiropractic care begins with proper evaluation of a patient’s underlying condition. It is very important to choose a chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach that will take time to conduct a proper assessment and examination. These serve as the basis for the recommended treatment that will be given to the patient.

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It Begins with Extensive Consultation

Chiropractic care starts with learning about the patient’s health history, learning about daily routines and other physical activities to provide the chiropractor insights on a patient’s condition.

This and an in-depth knowledge of the patient’s history helps determine the right treatment to suit one’s needs. Furthermore, it helps in determining appropriate home care activities.

The consultation often brings to light underlying conditions that may need chiropractic treatment. It also reveals related conditions that are contributing or attributed to the pain or discomfort. Oftentimes, the patients only become aware of these other conditions during the consultation.

The patient may come in complaining about back pain. Then realize his chronic headache is related to an underlying issue. As such, it is important for a chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach to learn as much as he could about the patient before administering treatment.


The Examination Process

The examination process includes various physical tests. These tests will help the chiropractor check the range of motion of the patient’s spine. The chiropractor also looks for inflamed or swollen areas along the patient’s spine. Moreover, the chiropractor also checks for stiffness and areas with restricted movement.

Orthopedic tests are then conducted to reveal where pain originates from. Depending on the severity of the problematic spinal joint, your chosen chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach will advise you if chiropractic care will help you. In some cases, he may refer you to a different medical specialist.

Lastly, you will also undergo neurological tests to determine areas of imbalance and weakness. Chiropractors conducts these tests to determine the severity of the patient’s problem. This is especially true when symptoms like numbness, weakness, or tingling exist.


Checking Further with Spinal X-Ray

Spinal x-rays will help determine the specific area along the patient’s spine that requires adjustment. The x-ray findings can also show signs of disease or pathology. This will customize the type of treatment provided to the patient.

If a patient chooses to go through a corrective care plan, we will use the initial x-rays to serve as a baseline comparison when you get through your corrective care plan. We will compare both sets of x-rays to show both the patient and the doctor that a correction has been made.


Recommending Personalized Chiropractic Care

The type of treatment you will receive and its duration is determined by consultation, examination, and x-ray findings. Patients receive different sets of treatments tailored specifically for their needs.

Also, you may get adjusted as early as your first visit. However, full treatment recommendations are given only after all results are analyzed.

All available treatments to address the patient’s condition are discussed by the attending chiropractor. The patient can choose to undergo all of the recommended treatments. He may also choose only those he feels comfortable with. The chiropractor also recommends an optimal treatment timeline for the patient. However, the patient is free to undergo treatment at his or her own pace, but recommends for the best results to follow the doctor’s treatment plan.

The chiropractor will always recommend the best course of action to the patient. But he will always respect the patient’s body autonomy.

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