Recommended Exercises and Stretches from your Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor

If you struggle with pain in your neck, lower or upper back, you may need to do some stretches and exercise to ease the pain. Also, if you just want to improve your health and posture, there are a few exercises you could do.

Working with a Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor will help you get rid of all of your pains and improve your posture, but if you want a few exercises and stretches you can do at home, you can try some of the exercises listed here.

Here are a few exercises and stretches you should consider doing today to improve the overall quality of your health and body posture:

  1. Knees to Chest (for the Lower Back)
    The knees to chest exercise can be done by following these instructions:

    • Lie totally flat on the floor with your legs and arms extended, and heels flat on the floor.
    • Place both arms around your knees and pull them towards your chest.
    • Hold for about 10 to 15 seconds
    • You can also do it by raising one knee at a time and holding for the same amount of time.
    • Repeat as many times as you can.
  2. The Cobra Stretch (for the Mid Back)
    The cobra stretch is one of the most common and important stretches for relieving tension in the mid back. To do the cobra stretch properly:

    • Start by lying on the floor on your stomach, with your legs close together and your hands placed palms-down by your shoulder.
    • Keep the front of your feet flat on the ground and use your palm to raise your chest and head slowly with your hips kept down on the floor mat.
    • Stretch your arms totally and move your head backwards as you keep your shoulders down.
    • Stay in this position for about 30 seconds before gently lowering yourself to the initial position.
    • Repeat this exercise at least 5-10 times
  3. The Upper Back Stretch (for the Upper Back)
    The upper back stretch is easy to do, and it is a very vital exercise for dealing with upper back pains. To do the upper back stretch properly:

    • Start by sitting down on a chair and holding your arms behind you with your palms facing away from you
    • Gently lower your head so that your chin touches your chest properly
    • Fold your upper back together so that you can feel the stretch in the muscles in your neck, shoulders and upper back.
    • Repeat this exercise as many times as you can throughout the day.
  4. Shoulder Shrugs (for the neck and upper shoulder)
    If you want to enhance your neck and shoulder strength and improve your posture, you should do a lot of stretches and exercises for your neck and shoulder. The shoulder shrug is a good place to start.

    • Sit on a chair and let your arms drop to your side.
    • Raise your arms slowly until your shoulder comes close to touching your ears.
    • Drop your arms to its initial position
    • Repeat this exercise many times a day to deal with neck and shoulder tension

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