Backpack safety tips from your Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor

Backpacks are the most practical tools for children and teenagers to carry their books and other school supplies. Without them, kids would have difficulty carrying all their stuff around. However, sometimes they do more harm than good when they are not worn correctly.

If you have ever seen your kid struggle to put on their backpack or look worn out due to the overwhelming weight of the bag, then it’s time to do something. Wrongly wearing a backpack could cause severe problems for your kids’ spine.

In this guide, we will share a few tips that would help you safely pack and carry your backpack to prevent spine damage.


Backpack Safety Tips

  1. Lighter is betterMany people don’t know this, but it hurts your spine to carry a heavy load regularly. While we may think we can manage the weight, the human body isn’t designed to do all that heavy lifting. According to numerous research on spine health and safety, it is generally agreed that your backpack should not be more than 20% of your body weight. If you can, reduce this number to 15% or less.
  2. Choose an Ergonomic BackpackLike many other working pieces of equipment, your backpack should be optimized for maximum comfort and efficiency. Many factors make up an ergonomic backpack.
    First, the size of the backpack must be right. Too big can be overwhelming, but too small is not a good option either. The backpack must not be more than 4 inches below the waist.
    Next, check that the backpack has adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back to protect the back from items within the backpack poking the carrier. Also, waist and chest straps are suitable for evenly distributing the bag’s weight across the upper body.
  3. Carry the Backpack ProperlyA significant part of backpack safety also involves how you carry the backpack. For example, if you use just one backpack shoulder strap to carry the bag, you shift all the weight to one shoulder, which could cause pain on one side of your shoulder and spine. You could also suffer posture problems as a result. Carry the backpack with both shoulder straps to prevent this.

    Also, adjust the shoulder straps, so the backpack aligns perfectly with your back. Letting the backpack dangle could cause more strain on the shoulder and misalignment of the spine. It could also affect your posture and give the impression that the overwhelming weight of the backpack has crushed you.


Bottom Line

Backpack safety starts with choosing the right bag and continues every day you use the bag. And it doesn’t apply only to kids. Hikers, athletes, etc. have to learn how to manage their backpacks so

If you have been using the wrong backpack and aren’t sure how it has affected you, you can book an appointment with a Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach.

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