Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe? Get The Answers and More From A Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach

If you’ve never visited a chiropractor before, terms like “spinal manipulation” and “manual adjustment” can be slightly scary. The thought of someone adjusting your neck and spine with their hands can be a little daunting. The truth is that over 30 million people successfully seek treatment from chiropractors every year, including elite athletes such as NFL players whose livelihood depends on the strength and fitness of their bodies. Chiropractors undergo extensive training, and have a keen knowledge of every aspect of human anatomy and the factors that can contribute to acute and chronic headaches, backaches, and neck pain. Chiropractors have some of the most loyal and satisfied patients of any medical specialty. The dedicated team at Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute offers patient centered chiropractic care for those seeking a Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach.

Chiropractors Receive Extensive Training

Much like any other licensed medical practitioner, chiropractors undergo extensive training. After completing an undergraduate degree, a chiropractor must attend school for 4 years, and complete over 4,000 hours of education and hands on clinical training. Chiropractors study the root causes of migraine headaches, how to best help a patient who has been injured in a car or automobile accident, and how to assist patients with degenerative conditions that cause chronic pain such as osteoarthritis. Chiropractors are dedicated, trained professionals who have a solid understanding of how the most sensitive and delicate nerves in the body interact with bones, muscles, and other organs. A skilled chiropractor is incredibly knowledgeable about the intricacies of the human body, and all of the most important factors that create the foundation for solid overall good health. If you walk into one of the exam rooms at Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute, you will be treated by a highly skilled Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor who cares deeply about alleviating your pain and discomfort. The team at Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute employs a holistic approach to patient care that may help you get to the bottom of many nagging health concerns.

Complications are Rare

Virtually everyone has heard a vague horror story about a chiropractic treatment gone wrong, but in reality—complications from chiropractic treatment are incredibly rare. Occasionally, a chiropractic adjustment may aggravate an existing injury, such as a herniated disc. Most chiropractors are skilled and knowledgeable enough to avoid causing any sort of additional injury. Every practitioner at Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute performs a very detailed patient history and exam prior to performing any adjustments. Sometimes a first time patient who has never received an adjustment before may experience slight soreness, or a hint of nausea or dizziness. These symptoms are generally very mild and short lived. Chiropractic care is much safer than surgical interventions, steroid injections, NSAIDs and potentially addictive narcotic pain medication. Chiropractic adjustments can result in freedom from pain, increased energy, greater range of motion, and increased strength. Sometimes, an expert chiropractic adjustment offers instant pain relief. On other occasions, marked pain relief can be achieved over the course of several visits. Chiropractic care can even offer some relief from debilitating conditions that seem unrelated to a neck or back adjustment, such as migraine headaches.

Chiropractors are Great Listeners

So many people who live with chronic pain say that one of their greatest struggles is finding a doctor who will listen to them, and take their pain seriously. Chiropractors are known for spending time with their patients and listening to their concerns so that their patients may receive safe and effective treatment that produces lasting results. Dr. Dean Mammales and the dedicated team at Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute carefully explains every aspect of diagnosis and treatment so that no patient undergoes any adjustment that they are not comfortable with. If you have never visited a chiropractor before, it is okay to be a little nervous. If you communicate your worries to the Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute team, they will be more than happy to thoroughly discuss your concerns, and put you at ease. If you’re curious about seeking treatment from a Royal Palm Beach chiropractor, consider Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute. You are always welcome to book an appointment that does not immediately involve an adjustment. The health, safety, and comfort of every patient makes Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute the preferred 33411 Chiropractor.

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