Are all patients adjusted the same way? Get the details from a Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor

Suppose you’re looking for a trusted Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach to professionally and effectively relieve you of pain. In that case, one question you are likely to ask is if all patients are adjusted the same way. The short answer is no. We aim to offer you the best Royal Palm Beach Chiropractic services. To that end, we use several techniques to achieve the same goal. And since chiropractic care focuses on addressing the specific causes of pain, our adjustments and treatments are often tailored to every patient’s particular problem.

Chiropractic adjustments refer to the small thrusts your Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor will apply to your body to relieve joint and nerve tensions. The condition of the patients determines the frequency or intensity of adjustments.

Determining what to adjust

A small detail that would help in your search for a Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach you can trust is how they determine what to adjust. In our office, we rely on a combination of thorough misalignment examinations and spinal x-rays to inspect the patient’s problem precisely. The information we derive helps determine the areas of the spine that require adjustment and the specific technique or methods that’ll be most effective and safe for the patient.

For instance, if we discover the patient has a condition, spondylolisthesis, then some adjustment techniques are considerably unsafe upon examination. It is a defect in the vertebra, typically caused by advanced degeneration or trauma, where the vertebrae slip out of place and forwards. Sometimes it may be a congenital cause, in which case it is even more critical to avoid adjusting without special assistance.

Follow-up x-rays are taken by your Palm Beach Chiropractor to guide making the unique treatment plan and to monitor and review the progress made.

Types of adjustments

Understanding what to expect from your Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor will ease some patients’ nervousness. Our office offers a range of adjustment techniques, and contrary to common belief, they don’t all involve pops and cracks.

Drop-Table Technique

One of the specialized techniques we use is the Drop Table, typically used for lower back adjustments. The equipment is handy and practical for patients suffering from severe pain or exceptional cases such as the earlier discussed spondylolisthesis, osteoporosis, or herniated discs.

Webster Technique

This technique is uniquely used for pregnant women. The procedure gently massages the uterine ligaments on the abdominal wall to correct pelvic defects or perhaps realign a displaced sacrum. Pregnant women or patients who find adjustment sounds nerve-racking are in luck here because their Palm Beach Chiropractor also uses an Activator. It is a small, spring-loaded equipment that enforces low force adjustment gently and precisely. Activators are equally beneficial for patients with a unique condition such as osteoporosis, where there’s an excess or lack of bones in one’s body.

Get a professional Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach

Your best option for a Chiropractor in Palm Beach is undoubtedly us. The best choice for a Chiropractor in Palm Beach should not only focus on providing typical professional chiropractic help to patients. Instead, they should prioritize making sure their patients get back to living healthy lives through efficient treatment plans. And this is what you can expect from your 33411 Chiropractor. So, end your search for a trusted Palm Beach Chiropractor here. We’re your best bet.