Health and Wellness During Covid-19: 33411 Chiropractor Offers Telemedicine

As we enter a “new normal” following the global effort to curb the threat of COVID-19, Dr. Mammales and Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute continue to seek innovative ways to serve our patients while practicing appropriate social distancing. Telemedicine, aka telehealth, will allow you to see a chiropractor in the 33411 area without having to leave the safety of your home. Through the use of technology, we will help you stay on top of your health and wellness during these challenging times.

What is chiropractic telemedicine?

As an essential service, Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute remains open for our patients. However, we do understand that not everyone is comfortable leaving their home during a pandemic. This doesn’t mean you need to stop receiving care from your Royal Palm Beach chiropractor while you’re staying in place.

Chiropractic telemedicine involves online communications between a chiropractor and their patients. We’ll use electronic communications like calls, video, email, live chats, text messages, and video conferences to conduct the consultation. Through telehealth, Dr. Mammales and our team can answer your questions and continue to guide you to better health.

FAQs about Chiropractic Telemedicine

Telehealth has been around for a long time. Still, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought more attention to this method of providing patient care. Below, we answer some of the most common questions about this service:

  1. What chiropractic services are available through telemedicine?
    While we can only offer physical adjustments at our Royal Palm Beach health center, there are several ways to take advantage of chiropractic telemedicine. You can describe any symptoms you may be having to Dr. Mammales during the online consultation. He’ll be able to offer advice on what type of at-home exercise you can do to address them.We can also check your progression and monitor any improvements or decline in your condition. Just like in-person visits, expect the same level of attention and care online from Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute.
  2. How do I schedule a telehealth consultation?
    It’s quite simple. Everything begins by giving us a call or using our contact form to schedule your telehealth visit. Then, we will reach out to you to confirm your schedule and choose which electronic method you prefer for the consultation. When it’s time for your visit, Dr. Mammales will be there to guide you through the process. For more details about our telemedicine services, feel free to call our office.
  3. How does a telehealth chiropractic consultation work?
    Expect something similar to your regular visit to our clinic. Dr. Mammales will begin with a check-in. He will review your symptoms, discuss what you’ve done during your last consultation, and ask about any health changes you may be experiencing. You may need to do some tests like some range of motion movements to further assess your current state.Finally, you will receive home care instructions such as stretches, Royal Palm Beach massage techniques, therapeutic exercises, along with other wellness advice. Don’t hesitate to share any other concerns. You may also need to schedule a follow-up visit, depending on your situation.

Learn More about Chiropractic Telemedicine

As a leading chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach, Dr. Mammales is committed to your health and wellness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chiropractic telemedicine allows us to deliver the same level of excellence you’ve come to expect from Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute. Call us at 561- 753-2225 to learn more about chiropractic telemedicine or schedule a consultation.