Manage Migraines and Headaches with Regular Visits to Your Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor

The ability to think clearly allows individuals to process emotions, make good decisions, and carry on with their daily routine. An intense headache, however, destroys that clarity easily. While having the occasional headache can be normal, frequent bouts can be disabling enough to affect your quality of life. If you’re battling headaches on a regular basis, consider consulting your Royal Palm Beach chiropractor to treat and prevent this painful condition.

Types of Headaches

Various types of headache affect individuals, such as cervicogenic, tension-type, cluster, and migraines. Tension-type headaches are among the most common, with around 70% of men and 90% of women suffering from at least one occasion during their lifetime. On the other hand, 21% of men and 37% of women report having tension-type headaches frequently.

While some headaches may go away on their own, the majority tend to be painful and recurring. If traditional treatment doesn’t work, or you simply prefer a natural approach to treating your headaches, a chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach can help.

Chiropractic Care for Each Headache Type

Chiropractic care, which combines active and passive exercises, spinal manipulation, and massage, can be effective for assessing, diagnosing, and managing headaches. It can also decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines. Each type of headache responds differently to specific chiropractic techniques.

For Migraines

Aside from headaches, symptoms of migraines also include nausea and dizziness. To ease these symptoms, your chiropractor may recommend these therapy options:

  • Neuromuscular MassageThis concentrates on trigger points in the head, neck, shoulder, and back for migraine relief.
  • Multi-Disciplinary InterventionThis manages the duration, frequency, and intensity of migraines. It combines chiropractic care with stress management, relaxation techniques, dietary counseling, and physical therapy.

For Tension Headaches

This type often results from prolonged muscle tension in the head, shoulders, or neck. Modified chiropractic therapy can provide pain relief to tension headache sufferers. The treatment plan may include:

  • Low-Load Cranio-Cervical MobilizationThis technique uses force that’s gentler than what’s typically utilized for traditional spinal manipulation. The force is applied to the neck joints, which encourages the rhythmic movement of the cervical segments. Patients may also be asked to do stretching and relaxation exercises to enhance tension relief.

For Cervicogenic Headaches

This type of headache usually begins at the back of the head. The pain then moves to the front, often joined by arm or shoulder pain on the same side. Cervicogenic headaches can be triggered by an injury or an underlying neck problem.

To treat cervicogenic headaches, a Royal Palm Beach chiropractor may integrate the following into the treatment plan:

  • Joint MobilizationUsed to reduce pain and improve movement, this technique involves passively moving the joints and targeting the cervical spine.
  • Spinal ManipulationYour chiropractor will apply controlled force on various areas of your spine, often creating a popping sound. For this cervicogenic headaches, the focus is on the cervical spine.
  • Deep Neck Flexion ExercisesThis involves moving your joints and muscles actively with the guidance of an experienced chiropractor.

Experience Headache Relief with Chiropractic Care

If you’re interested in a natural approach to headache treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mammales, your car accident chiropractor in the 33411 area. Call Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute today at 561-753-2225 to set up a schedule or for inquiries.