Manage Your Pain the Natural Way with the Help of Your Chiropractor in 33411

Individuals who need help in managing their pain are advised to seek the help of a chiropractor in the 33411 area.  Health professionals such as Dr. Mammales are specially trained to improve the spinal motion and treat back pain. If you’re struggling with pain and none of your current methods are providing relief, all-natural chiropractic care might finally offer a solution.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Pain

More than two million children and 18 million adults undergo chiropractic treatments for pain and numerous other conditions every year. Studies have shown the effectiveness of chiropractic techniques for reducing pain. For instance, a study of 42 patients who underwent low force spinal adjustment for two months reported a significant reduction in their back pain.

Regular chiropractic methods for pain management usually focus on manipulating the spine.  They stimulate the body’s self-healing capabilities by reducing the pressure on the central nervous system. Major benefits include:

  • Addresses the Causes, Not the SymptomsCommon interventions for pain, such as medication, tend to alleviate the symptoms without treating the causes. In contrast, chiropractors go straight to the root of the condition. If you’re suffering from neck pain, for example, your chiropractor in the 33411 area will perform various chiropractic neck adjustments to solve the main source of the pain. These include loosening up the joints of the cervical vertebrae and snapping it back into alignment.
  • Drug-Free and Non-InvasiveSurgery may be recommended for those with more severe forms of pain, such as from injuries that follow a car collision. However, this measure doesn’t provide a 100% pain-free assurance. In fact, some patients may experience even more pain after the procedure on top of a complicated recovery process.

    car accident chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach will take a more holistic approach that doesn’t involve surgery. The holistic methods target whole-body health as the ultimate goal. They are concerned not just with the painful area, but with contributing factors such as improving nutrition, better posture, and healthier lifestyle habits to encourage long-lasting pain relief.

  • Customizable Treatment PlanInstead of limiting the treatment plan to surgeries or medication, chiropractors like Dr. Mammales employ different tools and techniques to manage pain from various angles. Depending on your situation, they may use TENS machines, tables specially modified to accommodate a range of body sizes and shapes, massage therapy, and tools that can adjust the intensity of chiropractic adjustments. This results in a personalized chiropractic treatment that addresses the unique needs of every individual.
  • Encourages Preventative CareA misaligned spinal cord can lead to pinched nerves, muscle stiffness and cramps, and other painful issues. Going to a chiropractor for regular treatment doesn’t just address your current condition but can also prevent future complications.

Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle with Chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment is an excellent method for treating pain, but its benefits go way beyond this purpose. Rejuvenate your health and transform your lifestyle for the better under the care of Dr. Mammales, your trusted chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach. Call Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute at 561-753-2225 for inquiries or to schedule an appointment.