Treat Post-Crash Back Injury with the Help of Your Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach

Back injuries are some of the most common consequences of car accidents. Left untreated, they can lead to costly and extensive medical treatment, not to mention great suffering and pain for the patient. Because some back injuries stay hidden for a while before they strike, it’s important to seek treatment from a chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach at the first sign of back pain after a car crash.

Types of Back Injuries after a Car Crash

Feeling some back pain and tension is natural after a collision, but a chiropractor can help you determine if it’s simple soreness or if there’s a severe injury lurking behind it. Here are some common types of a back injury that happen after a car accident:


This typically happens after rear-ending collisions, when the neck and head are jerked forward before coming to a sudden stop. It can cause great damage to the neck tissues, ligaments, and muscles.

Whiplash symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, stiffness, and blurred vision can take hours or days to manifest and can be mistakenly attributed to other injuries. A car accident chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach will be able to diagnose it correctly and commence physical therapy.


The sheer force of a vehicular collision can push your vertebrae out of place, resulting in spondylolisthesis. This condition involves the compression of the spinal canal and nerves, leading to walking difficulties, pain, numbness, and weakness.

Depending on where the displaced vertebrae is located and the extent of the damage, spondylolisthesis can be treated with physical therapy under the guidance of an experienced chiropractor.

Ruptured Disks

During a car crash, the discs that provide cushioning to the spinal vertebrae can shift due to the great force. Called a ruptured disc injury, it can cause numbness and pain due to compressed nerves and can get worse if left on its own.

This type of back injury is usually treated with non-surgical methods such as chiropractic care that focus on physical therapy and pain relief to return the discs to proper alignment.

Facet Joint Injuries

Located in the spine, facet joints function as a hinge for the vertebrae. These joints are incredibly vulnerable during an auto accident and can prevent a patient from moving, twisting, and bending, and other activities that involve the back. Aside from facet injections, physical therapy and chiropractic techniques can help return proper function to these joints.

Seek Chiropractic Treatment for Post-Collision Back Injuries

As one of the leading chiropractors in the 33411 area, Dr. Mammales warns about the danger of relying on pain pills for back pain after a car accident. Not only does it mask tell-tale symptoms of a back injury, but it also doesn’t deal with the underlying causes of back pain.

Schedule an appointment at Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute as soon as possible after the crash. Through a combination of chiropractic techniques, physical therapy, and massage, you can be free of pain long-term and avoid expensive and painful surgery.

For an all-natural, effective, and safe path to health and wellness, call Cobblestone & Spine and Joint Institute today at 561-753-2225.