Why Visit a Car Accident Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach Given the New PIP Laws

Importance of Visiting a Chiropractor

The law recommends that you get diagnosed by a medical practitioner at once. Since a chiropractor does not have the authority to provide a diagnosis, you may forego them altogether.  While this is understandable, it could hurt you in the long run, knowing that chiropractors and physical therapists have the best understanding of injuries from a car accident.

  • Chiropractors have been doing post-accident healing for decades.
    With an extensive background in car accident treatment, chiropractors have the knowledge to relieve post-accident injuries. Whiplash or cervical sprain injuries from car accidents can be addressed immediately by a chiropractor in 33411. What’s great is that they can provide you with pain relief without resorting to surgery.
  • Chiropractors perform an evaluation to gain full knowledge of your condition.
    Even with a small fender bender, you are still subjected to injury. While you are busy thinking about how to get the car repaired, you might be disregarding severe post-accident conditions.
    Back pain, reduced range of motion, and stiffness are just some of the symptoms you get from a car crash. With the help of Dr. Mammales, experienced chiropractor, and his team of licensed therapists, they can identify the signs accordingly and provide an immediate treatment
  • Chiropractic services provide you with immediate healing.
    With the help of a chiropractor, any pain can be addressed at the fastest possible time. At Cobblestone Spine & Joint Institute, you can trust that our team has the skills for the task, whether the injury is unseen or appears to be a slight damage.
    For instance, if your back is in dire pain from the accident, chiropractors can provide necessary treatment through spine alignment and adjustment. In the case of soft tissue injuries, massage and physical therapy from chiropractic services will offer you the best solution.
  • Chiropractors provide reliable doctor recommendation.
    Chiropractors are well aware of the need to consult with a doctor right away. Having worked in parallel industries, chiropractors have established networks with medical doctors. With the new PIP, such networks become more important. With a trusted chiropractic service, you can count on referrals to the best doctors in the area.

Get the Help You Need with Cobblestone Spine & Joint Institute!

Once you get involved in a car accident, make your fitness and well-being a priority. Before claiming your accident benefits, have yourself checked at the fastest possible time by your trusted chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach for an immediate evaluation. Within 14 days of the accident, you will be in tip-top shape to handle anything!